Privacy policy, cookie policy



This privacy policy defines in detail the principles of using website by the users, scope and type of personal data that is collected, and the operating principles of cookies. The Personal Data Administrator makes available the policy herein on the following website:

Each user can gain access to this privacy policy at any time through a link placed on the main page. The Privacy Policy can be fixed, acquired and recreated at any time through printing or recording on adequate media carrier.

The Administrator declares, that the provisions pf this privacy policy are not intended to exclude or restrict any rights of the customer, that at the same time is also the consumer, within the meaning of provisions of the Act dated 23th of April 1964 – Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 16, position 93 with changes), that are held under the applicable provisions of law.

At the same time, the Administrator declares, that in the case of discrepancy of provisions of this privacy policy with the common law, the provisions of law have precedence.


The Administrator of data, including personal data, is Works 11 Sp. z o.o. located in Katowice, Porcelanowa 51 str., entered into company registration number, KRS 000363626, Tax Identification Number NIP: 6462895170.

The Administrator did not appoint the Data Protection Inspector.

Contact data, that can be used by any user for the purpose of contact the Administrator regarding any issues pertaining to the processing of personal data and utilizing the rights involved with the processing has been placed below:

Works 11 Sp. z o.o. located in Katowice, Porcelanowa 51 str., entered into company registration number, KRS 000363626, Tax Identification Number NIP: 6462895170, telephone: (+48) 32 353 93 92, fax: (+48) 32 700 74 58 e-mail:

III. Cookies policy

1. The website utilizes the technology of cookies. Cookie files (also known as „cookies”) are IT data, especially text files, that are stored in the terminal equipment of the user and are intended for using the website.

2. The files described in point 1 make it possible to recognize the equipment of the user and to properly display the website tailored to individual preferences.

3. The site uses several types of cookies, as follows:
• Permanent cookies are cookie files that are stored on the terminal equipment for the entire time stated in the parameters of a given file or until the file is deleted by the user
• Temporary cookies are cookie files that are deleted in the moment of termination of the ‘session’, that is logging-out from the www website, exiting the www website or closing the internet browser displaying the www website;
• Own cookies, are cookie files placed on the www website by the owner of the store (Administrator);

4. The website uses the cookie files for the following purposes:
• Adjusting the content of the store’s web page to user preferences;
• Optimization of the use of the store’s website by the users;
• Creating anonymous statistics, that help to understand how the user utilizes the website, which leads to the betterment of its structure and content.

5. The entity that places the cookie files on the terminal equipment of the user as well as obtaining access to them is the Administrator.

6. Processing and storage of the user’s personal data is not accomplished by the use of cookie files. The cookie files mechanism is not used for user identification or for obtaining any information from them.

7. The software used for browsing websites (internet browser) permits the storage of cookie files on the terminal equipment of the user by default. The users may change the settings in this regard. The internet browser permits the deletion of cookie files. It is also possible to block the cookies automatically.

8. Restricting the use of cookie files can impact some of the access functions on the store’s website.

9. The information about certain behaviors of the users are logged in the server layer. This data are used only for the purpose of portal administration and for the purpose of assuring the most efficient provision of hosting service.

10. The resources browsed are identified by the URL addresses. Furthermore, the following can be logged:
• date of request;
• date of answer;
• User’s station name – identification executed through http protocol;
• Information about errors taking place during execution of http transaction;
• URL address of the website previously visited by the user;
• Information about user’s browser;
• Information about user’s IP address.

11. The abovementioned data is not associated with specific persons browsing the websites.

12. The abovementioned data is used only for the purpose of server administration.

13. In order to change the settings of cookie policy, the browser settings should be changed.

14. Detailed information on the topic of changing the settings pertaining to cookie files and their deletion by the user in the most popular internet browsers, can be found in the help section of the internet browser.

IV. Final provisions

1. For matters not covered by this privacy policy, applicable provisions of the polish law shall be used, especially the provisions of the GDPR Ordinance, Legislation on the Protection of Personal Data and Civil Code. Any changes to the content of this policy may occur due to changes in the common law or due to changes in the policy of development and operation of the store, after prior notification of the users no later than in the timeframe of 14 (fourteen) days before the date of implementation.

2. If the user does not agree to the changes implemented in the privacy policy, the user may delete his or hers account.

3. The user is bound by the current privacy policy of the store.

4. The development of internet technology, changes in legislation pertaining to the protection of personal data may influence the changes in the scope of the rules of privacy policy of the website. In the case that the binding privacy policy is changed, appropriate changes shall be introduced to this document.

5. The Administrator hereby informs the users of the following address data:
• Works 11 Sp. z o.o. located in Katowice, Porcelanowa 51 str., entered into company registration number, KRS 000363626, Tax Identification Number NIP: 6462895170, telephone: (+48) 32 353 93 92, fax: (+48) 32 700 74 58 e-mail: .

6. This privacy policy applies from the date of 05.08.2018