WORKS 11 Training Center

W11TC handgun and rifle basic course is dedicated to the needs of professional, conscious use of basic and reserve equipment, from the distance of the battle in close contact to the maximum effective range of your weapon. We put emphasis on combining the skills of manual use of weapons, understanding the principles of operation with knowledge about ballistics, effective range of weapons. This course requires a large limit of ammunition. The course program has been dedicated for the needs of military units and uniformed services, including implementation units as well as direct support units and security measures units. There is possible complex cooperation between two formations of various uses for the purpose of implementing a common scenario. Some of the elements of the course include the alternative shooting stances, work on different types of barriers and complex tactical scenarios requiring fire action, tactics and operational techniques. We can customize the specific training packages to the client’s individual needs.

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Train anticipating the threats that you will encounter in the future.


Works 11 Training Centre is a team of experienced specialists, former operators of special units of the army, police, other uniformed services, fire brigade and emergency services, with many years of practical experience. Specialized in shooting, tactics, rescue and in the broadly understood pyrotechnical field. Expert knowledge and experience as well as practical experience of our instructors are the result of dozens of years of service during the implementation of tasks of the highest degree of complexity in the country and abroad. The experience is supported by knowledge gained at specialist courses and trainings around the world.


Works 11 Training Centre has training facilities – including lecture rooms, shooting ranges equipped with teaching aids such as weapons, ammunition, explosives and their imitations and cross-sections of weapons and ammunition of each type. Thanks to the cooperation with partners such as Military Institute of Armament Technology (WITU), Military Institute of Armoured and Automotive Technology (WITPiS), and others, we have access to a polygon base and we are able to secure logistic training in the latest firearms and equipment technology. We put emphasis on an in-depth knowledge of the technique that constitutes your armament.

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